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Cheyutha has started its Service Journey in the year 2008 and achieved several milestones with acceptance & recognition and some of them include:




  • Registered Under Andhra Pradesh Society Registration Act.
  •  Started Early Intervention Centre for CWIDDs.



  • Got the PAN Card from Income Tax Department, Government of India.
  • Got Tax Exemption under section12A from Income Tax Department. Government of Andhra Pradesh.



  • Got Tax Exemption under section 80G from Income Tax Department. Government of Andhra Pradesh.



  • Started Special School for CWIDDs.
  • Started Vocational Training Centre for PWIDDs.



  • Started Counseling cum Guidance Centre.


  • Got Tax Exemption under FCRA. Ministry of Home Affairs. Govt. of India.
  • Registered with the National Trust. Govt. of India.
  • Registered under 52 section of PWD Act 1995. Government of Andhra Pradesh.



  • Started Community Based Rehabilitation Centre.


  • Started Information cum Facilitation Centre


  • Constructed second floor and seperated below 10 years and above 10 years students.
  • Provided lift facility to all persons with disabilities. 


  • Got approval for NIRAMAYA Health Scheme of the National Trust, Government of India. New Delhi.
  • Got the approval for DISHA CENTRE (Early Intervention cum School Preparedness Programme) of the National Trust, Government of India, New Delhi. 


  • National trust has sanctioned Disha-cum- Vikaas scheme from July 2018. 


  • Started vocational training center. We bought paper plates making machine, lamination machine,spiral binding machine,Xerox machine,
  • We are giving remedial teaching with the help of projector to some of the needy people 



The services / supports / training / rehabilitation extended to the targeted groups have resulted for significant impact and some of the key were listed below as:

  • The benefit of ‘Disability Certification & Pension’ has been facilitated.
  • The benefit of ‘NIRAMAYA Health Scheme’ of the National Trust has been extended to most of its beneficiaries.
  • Enhanced the level of awareness in respect of the causes and consequences of disability and myths.
  • The need and importance of early identification and early intervention services, with improved reach both quantitatively and qualitatively has been given priority.
  • Improved the need and scope of inclusion and mainstreaming in the community like their normal counterparts.
  • Improved the mobility and access for catering their needs at all levels.
  • Disseminated the importance of inclusive education and role of parents and teachers.
  • The need and importance of pre-vocational activities and vocational training to improve employment / livelihood opportunities has been spread among the stakeholders.
  • Need of Employment opportunities and linkages & networking has been strengthened.
  • Facilitated for the schemes & benefits from government as well as from other sources / organizations / agencies.
  • Focused for the mainstreaming of the children both at normal school and special school.
  • Enhanced the networking, connectivity and linkages, with the stakeholders at all levels.
  • Improved the evidence based service supports with better accountability and visibility.