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Cheyutha Vocational Training Centre

Cheyutha Vocational Training Centre (CVTC):

The adults broadly grouped in to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the age group of 8-21 years and above will undergo training in selected Trades and gets supports including:

  • Screening and Assessment of Vocational Skills.
  • Selection and Allocation of Vocational Trade.
  • Training in the Trade (s) from Raw Material to Product.
  • Placement in the establishments for Observation.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Participation in Ability Melas, Exhibitions and Workshops.
  • Orientation and Training for Parents / Siblings.
  • Facilitation for Employment / Livelihoods.

At present 20 PWIDDs in the age group of 18-28 years on day care basis are getting the services, training and supports with improved employability and opportunities.